How to call on a piece property in a specific area?

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I looked for an answer before posting this and couldn’t find any other threads about it, so I’m sorry if this has been answered elsewhere.

I was wondering if I could get some help with the expression to get a property from a piece in a given area/zone. GetProperty(map,zone,whatever) doesn’t work. I’m assuming it’s trying to find an area property, not a property from a piece inside it. So… How do I get to call a piece property inside a given area? Just as an example… Say the board has several areas to be conquered and I need to get, for instance, the “Influence” property from the piece inside Area1. How would I write that expression?

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You have to do it indirectly, through a Global Property (GP):

  1. Create a GP to temporarily hold the value.
  2. Add a Global Key Command (GKC) to the piece that wants to retrieve the value, targeting the piece that you want the value from.
  3. Add a Set Global Property (SGP) to the targeted piece, triggered by the GKC, which sets your GP from step 1 to equal the local property you want.

Now, when you want to retrieve the value, you trigger the GKC then read the value of the GP.

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Thank you. That seems like it’ll work. It’ll also be a lot more effort than I thought, considering the value also changes in the piece itself (but nothing a few Trigger cascades won’t solve at that point to recapture the value onto the Global Property). I’ll give it a try when I find the time this weekend.

Thanks again for the help!

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