How to create a bag?

I’m stuck with a Vassal Module design problem:

I’m trying to create a random draw bag of small tokens. The bag has a few items in it, and more will be added as the game progresses by players. Each draw should be a random token from the bag. I feel like a deck has 90% of what I need, but I want the image of the deck to be the bag image. Does anyone know if this is possible? If a deck isn’t the way to go, what is?

Have the image of the bag be the Mask image for the Deck.

Have the Deck only show 1 item so you don’t get multiple images of the Mask.

This is what I ended up doing: mask for the token is the bag and the deck has property “draw face up always” which gives the user the feeling they’re pulling a token, but the problem is that the deck can only be “drawn” from the very center of the deck since the tokens are so much smaller. It’s workable but not optimal. Is there a way that click+drag off the deck could work from anywhere on the deck, not just the center?

I think I’d go for a solution where the bag has an “obvious” place to draw from. Making the tokens bigger is probably not as good as they would be selected from unexpected places.