How to create a piece that can transport other pieces?

Hi everyone,

I’m a VASSAL newbie who’s jumping into the Module Design swimming pool feet first. I’ve learned the basics of importing a Main Board, plus creating Prototypes and Pieces. But there is still a lot I have to learn.

For example: In the game I’m designing, I’d like to create a large piece that could transport other, smaller pieces. Think of the Transport Ship unit in “Axis & Allies,” which can transport Infantry or Armor units within the game.

In my game, let’s say I had small units called WIDGETS. WIDGETs can be carried around the board by CARRIERS. During gameplay, the player would manually load, say, three WIDGETS into one CARRIER, which fills the CARRIER to capacity. If the player tries to load another WIDGET, the game complains with a pop-up window or something, saying “This CARRIER is full!” Then, the player can move the CARRIER around the board. When ready, the player manually unloads the WIDGETS to their new location. Conceptually simple.

Is there a tutorial or chunk of documentation that explains how to do design the CARRIER unit? I’ve been searching, but do not even know what VASSAL terminology I should for.

      Many thanks!

You’re poised to be right on the cutting edge, because Mats–pieces that can carry around other pieces–are a brand new feature only available in the 3.6 betas at present.

Wow, thanks Joel,

I’ll look at the Beta version. But I’m a little leery of Beta software, I was hoping for a way to customize existing pieces in 3.5.8. Can you recommend any doc/tutorial on customizing pieces?

Thanks so much,
-ROA :slight_smile:

There’s no simple way to do this in 3.5.8. You’d be recreating Mats and there’s a good chance that 3.6.0 would be released before you were even finished.

Very useful to know, thanks! Much appreciated…!