How to create a secret order sheet like an XCEL sheet under a [Map Window} for a player

Hello, I would like to add a order sheet like an exel sheet with rows and columns and it would need to have the ability to be hidden from other players. This is for a multiple player game, where we already have 14 separate player hands [Map Windows] and I would like to add this additional feature in their individual hand and allow them to hide it or reveal it to other players.
How do I go about adding this feature to their individual hands?

You should be able to do this by creating a piece with a Spreadsheet trait (or Property Sheet, if you want specific fields rather than just blank rows) and a Mask trait, and placing a copy on each Player Hand window.

The only drawback is that you have to use a right-click menu command to actually view/edit the sheet, either way. You can get around that by using multiple Text Labels instead of a Property Sheet (no real alternative for a Spreadsheet, unfortunately), but even with Text Labels, you need to use the right-click menu (or a key command) to edit the label.

If you want to ensure only the owner can edit the values, you can use a Property Sheet plus an array of Text Labels, set the Text Labels to show the values from the Property Sheet, then not provide any menu or key command to edit the labels, and restrict access to the Property Sheet so other players can’t edit it.

Thanks, I figured it out. Only issue now is that some of the values that I have on those sheets now show through the hidden screen which is not ideal.