How to create a simple VASSAL Mod

Hi All,

I want to play GMT game called Kiev to Rostov (East Front Series), however due to limited space I can’t. So I would like to make a simple VASSAL mod, which would have at beginning just the maps and counters. Are there any tutorials how to make hexbased wargame mod? Since this is my first mod, I don’t expect this to be great. Of I would of course want to release this mod to the community I would ask GMT for permission.

Thanks for your help!

It takes a little time to wrap your head around how Vassal works. The way I got started was by downloading mods that were similar to what I was trying to make and disassembling them to see how it works. There are some how-to’s and tutorials available in the documentation section of the vassal site as well.

Cool, thanks! I will follow your advice…