How to draw a line between hexes? [Starfall]

I’m planning and gathering artwork for Starfall (boardgamegeek link), and one of the rules is drawing a line from a discovered teleporter hex to the discovered output hex. It lasts the full game, but will be different the next game.

How do I accomplish that in Vassal? It’s essentially a piece, but it’s a different shape and size each time, or it’s a decoration from one hex center to another… I’m not sure how to treat or accomplish it.

And if it helps or hurts, the line is drawn on the “secret” map pad of paper each player has, but as I understand that’s just a hidden board for each player, so no difference in how to do if it’s on the shared public board or the private “player tracking board”?

Do you have to physically draw the line?

You could place numbered markers at both ends of the line you want to show. You can then increment the number on the markers for the next line you need to place. Or you could use different colored end markers to show a line if the number of lines is not too large.

I’m thinking LOS thread… not sure I understand all the issues, not the least of which is persistence…

Interesting leads, I’ll check them out. Any other ideas your experience could point my inexperience toward?

“Do you have to physically draw the line?” That’s an interesting question for an out of the box solution. Of course, it’s part of the feel of the game so would be nice. :slight_smile: But the from/to markers seem like a straightforward solution. I assume there’s no way to connect two pieces with a permanent line?

Similar to the LOS thread, you could also try the “Movement Trail” which is more customizable (thickness) and it may be easier to have several of them.

Another way would be a specific piece with a “layer” to adjust the length (discrete values, may not be precise enough) and “can rotate” to adjust the orientation.