How to ... hex numbering on a hexgrid inside a zone?

I have a 2870px x 2657px map which I carved up into small pieces to make the module less memory hungry. Basically I now have 5x3 = 15 tiles which make up the map.

So I replaced the one large map with …

I added each tile as a board into the map. I set the default layout for the map pieces using “Select Default Board Setup”.

Now, this map has a hex grid, but I needed it zoned because the hex grid covers around 80% of the map with the edge portions being offboard areas like sea, neutral countries, playing aid charts etc.

So, in each of the 15 map boards I add a Multi-Zoned-Grid. And in each of those, I add a Zone for the part of that zone which is covered by hexes. I define the shape for each zone. I set the location format to “$gridLocation$”, but I leave “Use boards grid” and “use Highlighting” unchecked.

Then I go and add a hex grid, which of course fits nicely into the zone so it only covers the area covered by the actual hexes not the adjacent offboard non-hex areas.

Then inside the hex grid I add grid numbering. Here is the problem, this hex grid number does not show up on the map board. If I copy this hex grid with numbering up into the map board (so that it sits at same level as the zone but not inside of it), then it shows up on the map, however it then covers the whole map tile with hex labels even the areas I marked as outside the hex zone. But, when it is inside the zone, it doesn’t display the hex grid numbers. Oh, they still work, because movement reporting reports the correct grid numbers, and mouse over viewer also reports the correct numbers, and yes that respects the zone boundary correctly. The hex grid numbering just doesn’t display on the map.


Strange. It worked for me initially, and then when I cut-and-pasted the grid from the zone out to the board, and then back to the zone, it stopped showing in the test player (the one shown when you click ‘New game’ in the editor). However, it did work again when quitting and re-opening the module. Also, deleting and recreating the multi-zoned grid brought the grid, with numbering, up again. Any of these work for you?

Also, could you post this as a bug in the tracker?


Ok, I went back to the module and defined a zone with hex grid and numbering in one of the map tiles from scratch, and this time it works.

My problem is that I defined one Multi Zone, and then copied it to all the other map tiles. I had to edit all of the zone shapes by hand afterwards, but saves me a bundle of work defining all the other parameters. But of course, doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input I will post it as a bug.