How to hide counters in a stack so only the top can be seen?

I’m working on a module for a game that has a limited fog of war mechanic. Players are not permitted to inspect each other’s stacks. The trouble is that in VASSAL players can expand a stack by double-clicking on it or by using the Mouse Over Stack feature.

Any ideas on how to implement restrictions on stack inspection?


Mask your pieces. Only the owner will be able to see what they really are.
If the opponent inspects the stack they are only going to see the non
revealed side

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Yes this would work, but the top unit in a stack must always be visible–the units on the bottom must be masked. It sounds tedious to have to do this.

Me i use a “deck” for my stack and Mouse Over Stack feature with “include top card in deck” activated property …

By such way onlt the top of the draw pile can be seen … i’ve not currently tested on “simple” stacks …

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What you’re asking for is RFE 1637029: … tid=594234


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