How to hide the creation of invisible counters

When you create a counter from the counter palette by moving it unto the map, and you don’t want the other player to be aware of it, how do you avoid it getting reported in the log? The counter is put on a map layer that is inactive, and no movements for the counter is reported, but creation is reported nonetheless.

I have seen one module where it is recommended that you move it unto a private map, and then move it on to the main map. Is this the only method?

I have a similar problem with invisible counters where movement is logged as “moved ?? from ??”. Can this be suppressed somehow?

Look at the map’s configuration, in particular the various “Auto report format” lines toward the bottom (movement within, movement to, units created in).

Thanks. I saw those, but if I change them, it’ll also affect the units that are not hidden, right?

Yes. One solution may be to remove the auto-reporting, create prototype containing a report trait that mimics the auto-reporting, have a trigger or restriction trait to limit when the report fires, and give that prototype to all pieces that need it.


That sounds reasonable.

However, I don’t know how to trigger a command when a counter is created. I can only see how to trigger a command on movement. There are some counters where it is important to note their creation, whereas it should be hidden for other counters.

I’m not aware of all the ways pieces can be created in other modules, but my modules always have reports tied to actions that can create pieces (the ones I want reported, anyway).

In this case the piece is created by dragging it from the counter palette menu. Because the problem is really very small, I guess I’ll just have to advise that any counters created should go into a private window first.

Thanks for the comments.

Another reason for me to never use piece palettes!

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Have your map configured to apply a keystroke or key command to all pieces ending movement there. For pieces where you want them to report landing on the map after being dragged from the palette, set a Trigger to respond to the map’s ending movement keystroke, with a property match:
{CurrentBoard=="Your-Board-Name-Here" && OldBoard==""}

The Trigger will fire a Report Action that contains whatever you like as your piece creation message.