How to initialize dynamic properties?

I have about 40 unique pieces, that all have the same 5 dynamic properties like Power, HP, etc. I currently have them set up as a 5 dynamic properties in a Character Prototype. I chose DP rather than a Property Sheet since I want to be able to increment them easily with the keyboard. They are then displayed in a label.

However, each unique character has a different starting value for these properties – is there a way to override the initial Prototype Dynamic Property value on each individual character without having to ditch the Prototype altogether? I have tried setting the values of the pieces (as though in a real game) in the editor, but they are reset to the Dynamic Property defaults when Vassal restarts.

Problem resolved, but not gracefully. I just split the Character Prototype into the groups that the Characters fell into, and make new Prototypes for exceptions. Very dangerous if I need to make large changes to the former Character Prototype, but Vassal let me split the Dynamic Properties and all of the menu/reporting things across Prototypes.