How to Modify the Welcome Screen?

Hi Vassal Gurus,

I’d like to modify the initial Welcome Screen that players see when they open my game module. By default, it looks like this:

I found where that graphic is loaded into the module, under [Help Menu] → About Module:

But I also want to edit the instructions that the players see in the Welcome Screen’s window to the left, or perhaps put in some text with the game’s backstory, or something. It would be nice to be able to adjust font, font size, font color, etc., if possible.

Also: Is there a way to set the left window’s width and height? When my game opens, the default window size is maybe 200 pixels tall, 30 pixels wide… this looks terrible:

Many thanks in advance!

Hi yes I’m afraid our wizard looks pretty dated. I’m actually thinking of rewriting it soon (or more like: delete it and start over) but unfortunately other than setting the background image to something of your choice, there is presently nothing else on those screen you can do.

One thing you can do, which I do in my modules, is make a Startup Global Key Command which welcomes users and/or provides a little opening “quote” or something, when players first get into the module (past the wizard). If you’d like an example of that, start up a game in the All Bridges Burning module, and then you can look at the Startup Global Key Command for that in the Editor to get the idea.


@Cattlesquat Thanks Brian, and I hope my initial post didn’t imply any criticism or grumbling. I love “All Bridges Burning” and will steal the Startup Global Key Command (“Welcome Message 2”) for my module. Thanks for the suggestion, really do appreciate you taking the time to write. :slight_smile:

I’ve hated the welcome wizard for 15 years now. There’s nothing bad you could say about it that I haven’t complained about myself. It’s possible that we’ll undertake a project to replace it.

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Yes, what Joel said – WE grumble about the wizard all the time :slight_smile:

@Cattlesquat @uckelman Yeah, but… the rest of VASSAL is really frickin’ awesome, I gotta say. When my friends and I play on my module, I get lots of Oooos and Ahhhs. The Welcome Wizard doesn’t detract. :slight_smile:

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Just curious, how many people use the Welcome Wizard? I never do. :neutral_face:

My impression is that lots do, given how many complaints we get about it.

@jimpyle @uckelman Speaking as a new VASSAL user, my friend and I always do. Honestly, it never occurred to me that you don’t have to use it.

I always avoid using the wizard myself, but the last time I suggested that we get rid of it, there were howls of protest.