How to place the Zoom controls on the main map.

How do I place where the zoom and screen shot controls are located on the main map window?

I want these to the far left between the server control button and the first “counters” button. As I add different chart windows to the main map, the zoom controls move around. Sometimes they are on the far right. Sometimes they are in-between my die roll buttons and the charts. It seems to be random!

While editing a module and adding and moving controls, the actual display order in the toolbar tends to move around and get confused. Save the module and re-open it to see where they actually are.

The order of icons in the toolbar is the same as the order of the components defined in the Map, so to move the Zoom controls to the left, move the Zoom component up in the list of components within the Map.

Note that all controls for a map appear together, you can’t move the toolbar icon for a map control away from the rest of the controls for that map. So the Vassal controls will always appear first, followed by all the controls for the first map defined, followed by all the controls for the second map defined etc.

Thanks for the reply! I forgot I asked this question but then I had the same issue come up on another module. :slight_smile: