How to prevent an infinite LOOP error

I am working on a new vassal module, and I know the answer is easy but I have not been able to figure out how to prevent an INFINITE LOOP error from occurring.

I want to give the players the option of recording hit points on the unit itself OR on the character card if they so choose.

So I want the hit points to change on the unit on the main map AND change on the separate character card (not on the main map) at the same time so the hit points remain the same on both always.

Having one side work is easy but having both sides work creates an infinite loop no matter what I do.

Thanks for any help.

Well, after working on it most of the day I finally have success!

No more “Infinite Loop error”

Players can now click on the game piece and alter the hit points which automatically changes the hit points shown on the character chart “offboard”; and vice versa, they can click on the character chart which automatically changes the hit points showing on the unit.

Nothing new - I used a numeric Dynamic Property set at 0 or 1 (I guess the same effect could have been obtained using True or False) Essentially an On - Off switch. Then I used a Global Key Command and 4 triggers on each of the two Prototypes.

Email me if you like to see the details.