How to Prompt for number of (symbolic) dices to roll

HI everyone,

I have create a Symbolic dice. During the game, the player may need to roll 1 or more of these dices.

IS there any way to “ask the user” how many dices to roll and then roll that symbolic dice X times (showing the result images in the window)?

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  • Miguel


I would think if you have different combinations of dice to use in a game (e.g., a single 6-sided die and also two, six-sided dice), you would have TWO symbolic dice devices (borrowing from the same graphics for the pip faces). You would actually do the same thing to have multiple die roll buttons (unanimated).

That would use a bit of space on your menu bar, so it might be worth it to eschew that and just set it up to report the random die roll in the log buffer…

The problem is that now the play may roll only 1 dice but on the next turn may roll 5 and next 3 and so one…

So do you think the best way to do this is to have a fixed number of dices being rolled every time and the player simply pick the fix X that he need ?

see the demo mod inside zip. You want something similar. This should get you on your way how to do it. this demo was posted a long time ago somewhere else but not sure where in forums. Might try searching for stuff on symbolic dice to see other various discussions

Hi Tim,

I tried to open the attached file but it gives me an error. Can you please verify if the file is OK and attach it again ?
Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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  • Miguel

try this file

Now it works, thanks :smiley:

I’ll have a look and come back if I have questions.

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  • Miguel