How to reduce report noise in the message field?

I’m not sure how to go about overriding the basic message for units that move around on the map vs things like simple markers making what ammounts to noise in the message field.

My markers have only a few basic traits. Things like a control marker.

On the map I pulled out a few markers as you can see and placed them on the map, also moved them to generate a few message example that you can read. It’s those messages that I’d love to just be silenced. There is no need for them only the real pieces making moves and attacking do I want a record of.

I looked in the trails list for something that could silence reports but there doesn’t seem to be anything. I’m sure there must be a way to filter what makes reports. Can you help?

These result from the default settings for a Map Window. EDIT: You can remove the top 2 lines to suppress all movement reporting. Sorry for early imprecision.

As you are noticing, this feature is very chatty and will not differentiate between piece types–it’s either all on or all off. I dislike it quite a bit and always turn it off. For finer control of movement reporting, use the bottom option of a Map Window to set a key command applied to all pieces ending movement on the map. Then you can decide which pieces actually respond to it with Triggers and customized Report Actions that might vary by piece type (e.g., units vs status markers on a track).

I deleted $message$ just to see what it did. To see if it muzzled everything. It only stopped the reporting of repair and damage which makes sense since that line is about modifying units. So anyway I will the triggers and report actions as you suggested.

Seems a very convoluted way to silence a piece from the reports. What would be better is a new trait for the list that when used just forces the piece in question to ignore the Map Window strings. All I need is one trait that plugs into my simple prototype for markers and then the markers would not generate messages. Call the trait “silence reports”

That would make a nice wish list item.