How to reference the level name in a GKC?

I have a basic piece called “Wind Marker”. It has a layer called “Wind”. Wind has levels named for each direction (“North”, “South”, “East”, “West”). I use randomize to choose one of these. This is triggered from a Global Key Command. What syntax do I need to use in the Report format on the GKC to display the level name (which apparently is now the piece name)?

In Beanshell: Wind_Name or if not using Beanshell $Wind_Name$.

More information about piece properties here.

Thanks. I set the Report format to:
Wind direction is $Wind_Name$
but in the log, it just says:
“Wind direction is”

A GKC created at the map or module level can potentially affect many pieces, so it cannot report on properties within the pieces it affects ( which one would it report on) so a GKC report format can only report map and global properties.

You will need to get the piece itself to report the change using a Report State trait, and leave the GKC level report blank.

@Brent_Easton, as always you are a genius! Thank you so much. You are a gift to the community. @marktb1961, thanks for pointing out the syntax. You guys rock!

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