How to restrict what is shown on logfile

I have a multi-zoned map, lets say with 6 zones. When I drag a counter from one zone to another, it shows up in the logfile perfectly.
Unfortunately when I’m just re-arranging counters within one zone, the logfile records those movements also.
Is there a way to only show movement in the logfile if the counter is moved from one zone to another? Thanks.

Sure, but it’s a bit involved. You want to look at your map’s properties–it probably has something in the box for “Auto-report format for movement within this map”. If so, then everything gets reported…piece movements, status markers, etc. To get the effect you want, you would have to remove everything in this box. Now you have no report movement of any kind.

Enter some keystroke in the very bottom box, the key command applied to all pieces ending movement on this map. Now on the pieces for which you DO want to report movement, they’ll need 2 traits. The first is a Trigger that responds to the keystroke you just created in the map properties. The property match logic will be “CurrentZone != OldZone”–this is what ensures the piece has actually made a game from one place to another and you weren’t just rearranging. The keystroke the Trigger will fire in response must be linked to a Report Action trait. Design that to write what movement related information you want to the message log.

Joel, thanks for the suggestion, makes lots of sense. I’ll be giving it a try. I haven’t used Triggers yet, just learning Vassal.

Hi Joel, I tried what you have suggested and it’s not working as hoped for. I, of course, may have an error. I created a small test module with just three tokens. One to log all the time, one to never log and the third to just log when the token is moved between zones. If you have time, please look at my module and let me know what I’ve done wrong.
Thanks. (I’ve added a link to a public file on Google Drive, I hope I’ve done it right.

You were very close–there is a formatting problem in the property match expression of the Trigger on your “Only report movement between zones” piece. See below:

  1. Remove the parts I struck through in red–you don’t want this.
  2. Change the yellow highlighted property match expression to be: {CurrentZone != OldZone} . With the quotes present, you have a text string instead of an evaluation of two variables.


Joel, thanks for all your help, it works great.
A question. Is there a list somewhere of all the keywords?
How did you find out about keywords OldZone, CurrentZone?


It’s in the wiki.