How to Set a Turn Counter from a GKC

Hi, help is welcome here :slight_smile: Tricky to search in the forum as Counter is a too common term.

A Turn Counter can have a Next Turn Hotkey.
A Counter can then be added with Start & increment by values.

The counter is then shown as a Toolbar entry for which I can +/- or set the desired value.

I can’t find a way to set the desired value to a fix value from a menu.
How can I propose a Toolbar button to send a : Set Turn Counter to 14 !

Thanks for ideas and suggestions

hi, i have not tried using built-in turn counter of vassal. will you consider making one yourself. i did mine using a game piece and giving it a dynamic property. you can the add hot keys to increment or decrease the value by 1 or key to ask the user for a specific value. you can display the value on the game piece by using text label property calling the name you give the dynamic property. i post an example i made in this thread: round counter. i hope this helps

Thanks. I’ve seen your answer quite fast and was expecting other answers. But I may try your way … some day :slight_smile: