How to show amount of cards in hand

I’m designing a module that 8 sides in the game. Each side could not see other’s hand card. But it’s important that each side should know others card amount in hand. How could I show this amount?

You may try referencing the Vassal Developer’s Guide

Developer’s Guide

It’s pretty much explained on pages 75 thru 80.

Thanks for answering!
I used a dummy card with a “Text Label” Property, so the total of a deck can be referenced by the map-level property of “_numPieces”.

But how do I count the total of cards in Player Hand?
It’s not suitable to create a deck in Player Hand and tell player to put cards in the deck, the reasons are: 1) It’s not convenient to see contents of all hand cards. 2) If player don’t put all hand cards in the deck, I couldn’t count the real number of his hand cards.
Is it a map-level property can be referenced to show the total amount of cards in a Player Hand(or a Map Window)?

You can put a Marker trait (say, “Count”) on all your cards, and give it a value of 1. Then you can have a Game Piece Inventory that looks on each player hand window and sums up the value of the Count variable for all pieces.

I’ve implemented this in my Here I Stand and Virgin Queen modules–feel free to mimic them if the technique works for you.

It works perfect!
Your 2 modules are excellent designs!

Great work there!

I have a question, though: is it possible to display players’ hand counts on the game board itself, like one can do with decks? And like with decks/text labels, I’m hoping the number can auto-update in real-time.