How to trigger action on a particular map from toolbar


I am trying to build a button on the Toolbar that will send a command to all pieces on the board of the player pressing the button.

So, when Player 1 presses the button, the “CTRL M” hotkey should be sent ONLY to the Player 1 board, not all boards. The CTRL M is going to trigger all counters on the board and move them a fixed distance forward. Ideally I want to move them one ZONE forward. This board is called “Player 1 Board” and has 4 zones defined on it. So, units in zone 3 should end up in zone 2, all zone 2 go to zone 1, and all zone 1 go to zone 0. NOTHING SHOULD CHANGE ON PLAYER 2’s HAND (BOARD).

When Player 2 does this, same CTRL M goes to his board.


I am thinking that the ACTION BUTTON should call HOTKEY CTRL SHIFT M, which activates …
Global Key Command that will send the CTRL M, but how do I set the Matching Properties to match my Player 1 Hand and Board Name?

Name your Map (Player Hand) the same as the defined player’s side then you can use the property match expression CurrentMap = $playerSide$

This insures it only affects the map of the player who is pressing the button

Thanks! I was not sure of the expression, but was thinking that was how to do it. I’ll give it a try and let you know how it works out.