I can't cut and paste in an extension


I try to modify an extension and I would like to cut/paste piece in the same extension but in different scroll list. Apparently it works with recent modules and extensions but not with the old one I use.

The module is here: enpointetoujours.free.fr/download/EPT_V2.mod
And the extension: enpointetoujours.free.fr/download/Allemands1.mdx

Open the extension and go in: Counters, [Tabbed Panel], Units, Allemands, Groupes

Here create another scrollable list and try to cut a piece and then click on the new list, “Paste” is not active.

Is there a way to “update” the extension to be able to do this ?


You can’t cut it because your group is define in the module not in the extension (light grey color).

You can make a Copy-Paste not a Cut-Paste.