I need a volunteer to do a Vassal module for an upcoming game from VUCA :)

I am the designer of 1812: Napoleon´s Fateful March (also known as 1812: The Fateful March since BGG ignores all my requests for changing the name…).
I currently have a mediocre TTS module for playtesting but since TTS is generally worse than Vassal and especially so for carddriven games and block games I would love a Vassal module.
However my IT skills are extremely limited and my friend who did the TTS module have no vassal experience what so ever so I wanted to know if anyone in here would like to volunteer for this task and gain eternal glory in the credits section as well as a free copy of the game when it is published in early-mid 2024

The game is done in terms of development and artwork so there wont be any need for constant changes to the module (as is otherwise often the case for playtesting).
It is a simple carddriven game with 3 subdecks which uses blocks for secret orders (so no turning the blocks for step losses - just a reveal/not revealed function).
The units themselves are 6 kinds of generic strenght points with a front and back side.

Send me an email at brian.asklev@gmail.com if you are interested in helping out or have questions before you fully commit to it.