I was hoping to help fix the issue on Macs where the modules are delayed when updating

Hi I was referred here from facebook to help address the issue of disappearing modules on an a mac.


Hi Mitch… it’s been a recurring issue, here’s the most recent post on it: Modules disappear from Module Manager when updating VASSAL

If you propose to work with the Vassal source code, you can find some getting started developer guidance on the documentation pages.

I have had the issue myself (on Mac too) and logged it on GitHub a while back. It still happens but it might have a different cause. I wonder - as per @Brent_Easton’s comment - if it’s associated with a cloud-related file.

The very minimum requirements to pitch in with this one will be:

  • Full knowledge of all folders on your system where modules are currently stored
  • Ability to open Terminal and navigate to the (normally hidden) folder where your VASSAL preferences are stored, and produce a detailed file listing in Terminal of the contents, e.g.:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/VASSAL/prefs
ls -la

EDIT: It could also end up being quite valuable to know if you use any cloud storage services and use their features to sync files between local folders and the cloud. Examples here are: iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc. If so, is there overlap between folders actively being synced with the cloud and the locations where you have modules stored.

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Joel, I am familiar with using the terminal, I can use the finder to locate all the vmods, i use cloud storage regularly.


Here’s what to do:

You should have the following file which contains global preferences for Vassal:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/VASSAL/prefs/V_Global

where <username> is whatever your username is.

Make a copy of that file and set it aside. Then try to reproduce the problem. If you succeed at reproducing the problem, immediately make another copy of that file and show us both so we can compare the two.

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There will be a release of 3.7.7 pretty soon. If you want to make progress on resolving this issue, please consider not installing it until after you’ve performed the steps above to back up your preferences file. The whole effort turns on having this so it can be compared to a post-install preferences file if the “disappearing modules” thing returns for you.

Bump for @ScottishHordes. Another release is out, another opportunity to take the previously requested steps in hopes of solving this problem.