Image Capture Filename

Most modules I see fill in a filename when you click the Image Capture tool, but my modules leave the field blank. I cannot find where this is determined in the manual, the editor, looking in other modules that fill in a default name, or even this forum.

Can someone point me to where the save filename is determined in the editor?

The default filename used by the Image Saver is found in vassal-app/src/main/java/VASSAL/build/module/map/

GameModule.getGameModule().getLocalizedGameName() + "Map.png"

That’s the name of the module with Map.png appended to it.

I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out how or where to make use of that information.
Is that in the source code? A Registry entry? There’s nothing on my Windows PC that conforms to that path. It’s not in the Vassal editor.
Simply put - what am I supposed to do with it? I didn’t knowingly do anything to change a default setting to make it stop, and if I did, how do I put it back? Where’s the setting related to what I have ordinary access too - ie: the editor?

There is no setting. What I quoted is from the source code. It’s the explanation for how the default filename is determined for saving map snapshots.

What you should see in the file dialog when it opens is the name of your module followed by Map.png. If you’re not and the problem is reproducible, I’d like to see a module which demonstrates the problem.

I thought that came from the source-code, and understood what it represented, but I couldn’t figure out what I could have done to change it - there doesn’t seem to be anywhere I could have reset that aside from editing the source - that I could find.

All the modules in the Last Full Measure series posted here exhibit this issue.

Another module, for a different game from that series was started purely from scratch, and works as it should, but I made all the LFM modules by saving a completed one under a new name, then changing the map, counters, etc (since they’re all in the same rules series) so, obviously, what ever the issue is, was propagated from the “Shiloh” module (the first one I made, which was started from scratch).

I apologize for my apparent tone in my reply; rereading it myself, it did “feel” kind of angry or accusational, and that was not intended.

When I try saving a map image from the Brandy Station module, I get LFM - Brandy StationMap.png as the suggested name in the file dialog.

Sorry, I didn’t do that one; I did the Shiloh, Second Manassas, Gettysburg(SE), Maryland Campaign, and South Mountain modules in that order, so they were all built off the Shiloh module.

When I try the Shiloh module, I have LFM:The Battle of ShilohMap.png as the suggested filename in the dialog.

Are you using Windows?

Huh? Yes, Windows 10 Pro
I just opened that mod (not editing) and that field is blank. It’s not in any mod outside of the 5 I made

But it’s working for you then? Well, if it’s working for everyone else, that’s odd, but I’ll take it. :slight_smile:

I thought so. The problem is that the name of your module has colon in it, and colons are prohibited from appearing in filenames on NTFS filesystems (the kind used by Windows), so the file dialog rejects it as the default filename.

Your module name works as a filename everywhere except Windows.

I wrote a program a million years or so ago that would cause a hex-dump half-way through the compile. Scanned the print-outs over and over and couldn’t find the problem.
Finally found it on screen. Seems some odd-ball character that the belt-printer couldn’t print was tripping the compiler.

I guess those sorts of problems are going to follow me everywhere I go. :slight_smile:

Thank you