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I am using the beta

I have a “CombatUnit” game piece layout which is used to create game piece images for each type of piece (ie British infantry brigade, French cavalry regiment, etc). I then have actual pieces in a palette which use these images. The idea being I can start a new game, grab pieces out of the palette, apply a text label for a unit designation after it is on the map (so different for different pieces), and then save it to use as a start up file.

Problem is…
…when I make a change to an image file, meaning any of these files that are stored as images within the zip structure of the vmod file, it will not update the file unless I give it a new name different from any other image stored in the file. If I try to type the name of an existing image it loads the existing image into the editor before I can save the changes, and if I just change a value the change does not get saved so when I try to use it I get the original instead.

I can delete the image reference from the module in the editor, go into the vmod, rename it to zip, go in with an explorer and delete the image file, then create a brand new one from scratch in the module editor.

Obviously as I get units with more complicated information this gets to be problematic, and defeats the “do it once one place” method which is my main motivation for trying this instead of just making sperate hard-coded images for each piece.

Is there something I am doing incorrectly, or is this a bug in the beta, and would it be do-able in the release version?

The vmod file is attached fyi

A Game Piece Image takes a snapshot when you save it, so it won’t automatically pick up changes to an underlying image. A Prototype that uses Layers would automatically update, by contrast. This behavior will be the same in v3.1.


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