Image layering in save files

I’m working in a module with the following layers, listed in this order:


The images usually layer in reverse order- (Terrain on the bottom.) However when saving maps, they seem to load the images in a random fashion- sometimes overlaping images on higher level with lower ones or changing the order within their own layers.

So- is there a rhyme and reason for the alternating load states? because while the individual save files load the same order each time- they dont necessairly load the same order each new created file.

Changing the individual images order in the list doesnt seem to alter the order at all.

Thanks for any help

Did you associate your pieces with a module layer using a marker trait?

Yes- for example:

Buildings and such on the Terrain layer are set up with a prototype including: “Marker-Layer= Terrain”
Obstacles which should layer above them are set up using the same method with appropriate value changes.

Here’s an example Image below:

The road sections are on the terrain layer, the vehicle and Sandbag wall are on the obstacle layer- see how the image layering is both random in the way it mixes both layer and inter-layer stacking together? This image was taken after placing pieces and reloading the saved file.

in the GPL is the property “layer” or “Layer”? Vassal is case sensitive. If the GPL property is called “layer” and your marker trait on the piece is set to “Layer = foo” its not going to work

In the GPL folder the line: “Property name for layer” was indeed lowercase. Changing that did stop the mixing of seperate layer images.

However pieces in the same layer are still alternating their stack order… any further insights?

Again thank you for your replies.

Vassal Ver 3.1.14
Vista Home SP1