Immovable but stackable?

I know that Does Not Stack has an option to prevent a piece from moving, but is there a way to make a piece immovable but keeping it stackable? Basically I want the pieces to only be movable by players selecting them and sending them to fixed locations with actions. No dragging and dropping…

I have the same question…

Its quite odd because the mouse stack rollover viewer doesn’t work on a non-stack (obviously) but its just when you need it when multiple units have been sent to the same region and they are so perfectly on top of each other you can’t tell how many there are!

No. Unfortunately, the non-stacking and non-moving functionality ended up intertwined and in the same trait. Only non-stacking pieces can be made immovable.

It does if you select the ‘Include non-stacking pieces?’ option.

Ok, it does stacks and non-stacks.
Howabout decks? I have a situation where it might be nice to review the discard pile.
Or alternatively, is there an option somewhere to offset each card of a deck (this would allow the player to see the top titles at least).
It appears the answer is no and no. I guess the workaround is to first send the drawn cards to a location, then on to the discard pile.
Which makes me think it might be nice if Stacking Options was a global, which could be overridden at a region or location.

Hi Martinov - I work around your problem by checking the “Allow Drawing Specific Cards” box. So then if you right click on a deck and ask to Draw Specific Cards, it effectively gives you a list of all the cards in a deck. I also added a “cycle through discards” thing that sends a “DOWN” arrow key to the top card in the discard pile (moving it to the bottom), but I find that a lot less useful than just bringing up the dialog with the list of cards. You can control what text is displayed for the cards and how they are sorted.


[Thanks for the tip CS]

So the conclusion to my rambling is that it would be nice if:

  • pieces could be declared immovable without necessarily becoming non-stackable
  • the global stacking decision could be overridden by deck or region settings
  • a deck (of revealed cards) allowed the player to access [the menu of] the topmost visible card (I notice that when a player selects a specific card from a deck, it rises to the top of the deck and is selectable for movement, so decks must already have some capability to single out a card).
  • and perhaps more generally decks themselves could have menus, with some basic options like “draw a card” to save creating a piece button for such functions.

I can see 3 & 4 are more for someone like me to trying to add some automation, which I understand is not a priority in vassal philosophy, but 1 & 2 would be handy in any circumstances.

Note- decks CAN already have menus. For example I do in fact have “Draw a Card” on my decks as a right-click menu option. What you do is add a “Deck Global Key Command” to the deck itself, set it to affect a fixed number (1) of pieces, and have it send whatever keystroke/command tells the card to go wherever it goes when it is drawn. I similarly do things like “Draw 8 Cards”, “Refill Your Hand (to your hand limit)” and stuff like that.

I will admit I have sometimes also wished for what you list as #3 (access menu of the top card). You could actually probably *mostly& do this with Deck Global Key Commands (just duplicate the items a generic card would have and then forward them along to the top card in the deck w/ the fixed-number-of-pieces function), but admittedly it would be nice if the deck had a checkbox “access menu commands from top card”.