Increase the number of played cards

In the module I am working on, players play cards. I want to keep track of the number cards by each of the players.

There is a Global Property called PlayerACardsPlayed and PlayerBCardsPlayed. Each card has two traits of Set Global Property type which increases by one corresponing GP. Each card has a trigger action trait, linked to corresponding SGP traits, augmented by the criteria which have be met to fire the trigger. The criteria are: CurrentMap==PlayerAHand||Selected for one trigger and, respectively, CurrentMap==PlayerBHand||Selected (the reason of why I don’t use PlayerSide is that I want the game to playable solo, refering to CurrentMap is easier in this case).

This works BUT there is a bug – if player selects two or more cards, and right-clicks one of them and plays the selected card, then the PlayerXCardsPlayed is increased by the number of selected cards – which is a no-no, of course.

Is there a workaround for this?

Update: the root cause of my question was that user was able to select more than one counter (card, in this context). This was in turn caused by that player hands were defined as Private Windows, not Player Hands. Player Hand prevents the user from selecting more than one card – therefore the problem solved itself.