Individual Card commands alongside Deck commands

I’m having a problem where the “Include command to send entire deck to another deck” checkbox seems to be overriding interacting with the card on top of the deck.


In my module I have (among other things) two decks, one a “Discard” pile and a “Removed” pile. But my card prototypes also have individual commands (e.g. “Play for Event”, “Play for Ops”, “Discard”, etc).

I added a “Return to Hand” command to my card prototypes, intending it to work when needing to pick up cards from either the Discard or Removed pile.

For some reason this Return-to-Hand command is appearing (and functioning) correctly for the “Removed” pile but NOT for the “Discard” pile which ONLY shows the Reshuffle (send-entire-deck-to-another-deck) and Draw Specific Cards labels.

The only difference between the decks that I can detect so far (other than name, location, and order) is the checking of the send-entire-deck-to-another-deck command.

Is there a way to get my individual Card actions to appear when interacting with the card on top of the Discard pile, in the same right-click menu as the Deck commands?