Inventory Tool (Won't show folders, won't count, can't get sum to work either)

Hello, I have a deck in a module that contains 3 different kinds of chits. I would like to use the inventory tool to be able to give players a quick count of how many of each kind of chit are in the “deck.”

The inventory tool, however, is giving me fits. For one thing, I cannot get it to show any folders. I can get it to show me the pieces, but it won’t group them into folders. That’s problem no. 1.

Problem No. 2 is that when I try to use the sum_XXX or count_XXX technique, it doesn’t work. All the pieces have been given a Marker called “Color.” There are three different Color properties: red, white, and blue. When I assign a label: $count_Color$, all that is reported is red, white, and blue. It doesn’t count anything.

Can anyone help? I’m befudled on this one.



Here’s a screenshot of my current setup:

This part is not configured correctly. You don’t want to surround these property names with dollar signs.

As for the other part, the documentation makes no mention of supporting a count_XXX automatically–maybe it does and it’s not documented for some reason. sum_XXX is the one that is explicitly supported.

If you are open to alternative techniques, the improved Sum and Count expressions can be used in a Text Label you position near the deck (i.e. on a static invisible piece) to show these stats without having to open an inventory window.


Perfect! Thanks, that was what I was doing wrong. I knew it had to be something simple. The counting now works like it should. Thanks again!

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