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I’m finishing up a module for West End Games’ DRUID.

I’m using the newest beta version of VASSAL, but I haven’t seriously worked on a module in a while so I’m a bit rusty.

4.5 questions:

  1. Why do all my counters, when dragged from the tabbed panels to the map, get created “offboard” ?

  2. Why is my deck invisible? (It’s at the center of the compass rose.) And why do its cards get placed offboard?

  3. Why are my Roman forces embedded in the menu, but my Britons appear as a separate window?

  4. How can I have some counters snap-to-grid and others not? I vaguely recall this being a multi-map layer trick or something?

Thank you.

A copy of the module can be downloaded here. (~2 megs)

You have to add Grid Numbering to your Hex Grid.

I don’t know the answer to the first question. It looks like a bug. I wouldn’t recommend using GIF images though – try to use PNGs, they’re better. That doesn’t explain why they’re not visible, however.

The answer the second question is the same as that for 1) above.

You can’t have two game piece palettes embedded in the top part. The second one will appear as a separate window. I would recommend you have them both in the same game piece palette and just have tabs separate them.

I’m really troubled by the invisible deck problem, though…

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Thank you for the quick reply. I went with GIFs because they were smaller filesizes and the counter art is pretty damn simple. I’ll switch all the cards over to PNGs to see if that affects the deck at all, and try setting the grid numbering.

I’ll let you know.

Png’s should be smaller than gifs if you compress them to Png8 instead of
leaving them as Png32.
There is a thread somewhere with a utility that does this compression for
you if it is not an option in your graphic editor to save them as png8

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Unless they are placed on or very near a specific grid point or region point, they will report as being offboard.

This also may have to do with…

The Do Not Stack trait that can be applied to pieces allows you to adjust whether they ignore the grid or not when moving them and (if you’re using an Irregular Grid with Region Points) you can turn on the Snap to Grid option in the Irregular Grid properties. I’m not sure about hex or square grids as I’ve never used them.

Ok, I’ve solved all but the Invisible Deck problem.

Currently, the deck is still invisible but if you draw a card and place it on the map it will become visible. I made this change by checking the Draw Cards Face Up button.

Once on the map, you can right click the card and select “Face Down” and it will turn invisible again.

What is SUPPOSED to happen is this:

These are Operations Points Chits. Each has 2 sides - Roman & Briton. Both players draw a chit randomly (why I used a deck) each turn to determine their Ops Points for that turn.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m stumped.


New Module Download Link

I think I’ve found the problem - I never defined a mask for my cards.
Assuming adding a mask makes my deck visible - here’s the follow-up question:
Can a card have 3 sides - mask, layer 1, layer 2? Or do I need to put both Ops Values together on the same side. This isn’t troublesome, just not true to the original game.

No image on the back side of the card (when masked)
The Display style is dependent on it. Right now your display style has no
back face to utilize the effect

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The cards in your deck have no Mask image defined. They all have a Mask trait (which would be better off in a prototype), but the Mask trait has no image actually defined, so when the cards are face down (e.g. when in a Deck), they are invisible.


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Alright. Got all my problems sorted out. Thank you for the help.

Module’s finished. Now I’m just waiting to hear back from Mr. Berg about a public release… :unamused: