Invisible game piece still visible when I switch sides?

Designing my module.
Mercenary units are a commonly shared unit. Any player can buy them. The player that places one on the board is supposed to be able to make it invisible to other players.

I assigned invisible trait to the Mercenary game piece.
When I open the game and play as one side, I can drag the piece
and make it invisible (becomes transparent) - so far so good.

I then change sides expecting the transparent game pieces to become totally invisible BUT I can still see them.

Is this the way its supposed to be?
I thought the piece should only be visible to the original side that made it invisible in the first place.

When you set up your Invisible trait, what setting did you use for ‘Can be hidden by’?

If you chose ‘Any Player’, then Invisiblity is keyed to the player not the side. This is based on the password you set up in the Personal preferences tab.

I suspect this is what you have done and that what you wanted was to select ‘Any Side’ which keys the Invisibility to the side, regardless of the the player password.


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your right
I needed to do any side