Irregular AoE - is it possible at all?

Everything i needed to say is in the name of the topic, really. I wanted to make it possible for a player to see, how far his units can move, BUT, the game (MY GAME) does not count moving in a straight line in the same way as it does with moving diagonally (is that a word? i mean in north-east or south-west etc, not in north or south or west or east). The first one is counted normally, the latter is counted as 1,5 of a normal move, so you can go for example with a unit that has speed 3 - three squares vertically or horizontally, but only 2 diagonally. So showing maximal distance as a square of squared speed number of squares is - even tho really 1234356788 times better than lack of it - misleading, because it sugests that you can go 3 squares diagonally with a piece, that has speed 3, which is not the case.

Answers like “just turn ur game to hexes” - EVEN THO REALLY HELPFULL AND THOUGHTFULL AND NAIS - will not be enough of a help, sadly. Is there any way (maybe using a different tool than AoE trait?) too get THIS: … 90307.html ?

Layer trait? With your own specific semi-transparent image(s) for the effect. Just a thought.

Tons and tons of work behind it, tho ;/ 1. i cannot into graphics, so creating TRUE semi-transparent stuff (that would not cover other pieces and make them invisible) would be pain in the… Eh. And 2. tons and tons and tons of work XD.

Creating a transparent image is easy: use a .PNG image with any BASIC imaging program (for example IRFANview, a free program at

With a PNG image, select any color in the image to make it Transparent and viola you are done.

(Send me the vassal module with what you want to show and I can do it for you…)

That’s a cool offer.

Besides a layer, you could also make it/them a completely separate piece - keep 'em in their own hidden palette. Right-click Place Marker to call them, applying the appropriate facing. Have them be the lowest map layer, so they lay underneath. Use a left-click Action Button on the ship piece to send a gkc to delete it, and/or have a map level trigger have any moved pieces send the delete key back to their old location (or every location even), so simply moving the piece will delete it.

Good luck with it.

Works! I did in the wat that rrvs told me to do it and it workjs :slight_smile: now i have top add it to all pieces (create different versions for different movement units) :slight_smile: really nice taht it works ;))

How do You do that?im curious cause for totally a different thing it wwoupd be helpfull for me. Im asking bout ‘have a map level trigger have any moved pieces send some key to do stuff’ halp xd. I dont know any option that would work like that, sending an instruction whwnever a piece is moved, wothout a player needing to press a hothey.

It’s the last listed property for map windows/player hands, etc. Very helpful vassal feature, yeah. :slight_smile: