Is it possible to add a preset spreadsheet/property sheet?

Hopefully there will be an easy (positive) answer for this one…

Can a module author preset the actual values that appear on a spreadsheet/propertysheet so that unit details are already input against a specific field (as opposed to being set during a game)? For example if an author wanted to include some extra details about a unit not displayed on the unit itself?

Many thanks for any feedback or alternaitve possiblities…

You can, by editing the piece in the Game Piece Palette. One catch, though: if the Property Sheet trait is in a prototype, then then only way to preset the value is by editing the prototype, and the changes will apply to all pieces using the prototype.


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Thanks for the feedback I will give it a go…

A pity about that prototype complication.
I was going to use the prototype definition to store the common headers on the spreadsheet for all the pieces that use it, and then use each individual piece to store the unique values.


individual pieces
power 2
strength 1

wizard 3
strength 2

I really wish there was a way to copy paste multiple cells all at once from one spreadsheet to another as my spreadsheet has about 40 fields.

Ok, this is possible. I just had to find the instructions on how.

In a prototype definition. Once a spreadsheet is added tot the piece traits, in the area above the trait list, right click where the graphic would be, select “show data” and fill in the spreadsheet.

Then add the prototype to all the pieces.

Or add a non prototype. In a regular piece add the trait spreadsheet, right click the graphic area above the trait list, select “show data” and fill in the spreadsheet and it will be unique to that piece.

I had several hundred pieces that I added a unique property sheet to for the Blood Bowl module. I found it easier to just edit the build file directly in a text editor. I added a property sheet or two within the module editor and saved and then extracted and opened the build file in a text editor and copied the formatting that it uses but changing the values as needed for all the other pieces. Just another way to do it for those looking to do the same thing.