Is it possible to creat a damage grid? and how

I am working on a Warmachine mod that is very close to being usable and one of the last features I am trying to implement is a dmg tracker for beasts and warjacks. I would prefer something that had check boxes that I could arrange to look like the dmg grids from the book if possible. Is this something that can be done with Vassal already, or is it something that will need to be programmed in?

One thing you could do is create a Map Window with the damage grid image as a Board. On each square where you want a checkbox, create a game piece with a Layer trait that shows a check. Then add an Action Button trait to the piece so that clicking on it toggles the Layer activation.


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Check the module for ‘B-17, Queen of the Skies’ for an example of this.


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excellent, thank you for the suggestions