IS IT possible to disable Peek command?

I am currently working on tile laying game and I want to make tiles reversible. I want to Flip them so they would become like their Mirror image.
I havent found different way than add a Mask trait and use mirror image as Plain or Image.
In Plain is problem peek command I am not able to turn off and since mirror image has diferent shape (like Z-type tile) Peek is changing the shape.
In Image is problem, that the mirror shape is different and with some transparent parts of picture I can see a mixture Basic and Mask Picture.
Has anybody found solution for this?
Thanks in advance

Unless you really want to hide the flipped side of the pieces from other players, I think you want to be user a Layer to implement the reverse, not a Mask.

Don’t load your base image into the Basic Piece trait, leave that blank. Instead, load your front and back images as the first 2 layers of a Layer trait and make it Always Active. Only the current layer will be displayed.


in a different world though it could be cool to override a peek/invisible trait status where you really want those traits abilities until a point somewhere where you can say “no”, now it needs to act like layers etc just a grand scheme thought…

It could be an evolution of Peek/ Invisible where we grant option for it to change what it started as and morph to something else.

I wouldn’t think you want to cross over to the other traits obviously in some sort of linking. Just expand the current ones to evolve and become like others…

Does that make sense?

Thank you very much, I haven’t used Layer trait yet so i didn’t know about this option, I have tried it now and it works perfectly. Thanks.