Is it 'safe' to use a send to trait without a specified map?

As in the subject.

Prototype definition for a piece A:
Send to location
Keyboard command: Y
Destination: Location on selected map
X position: 100
Y position: 100

And a piece specific to each board, set up as a button:
Global key command
Keyboard command: X
Global key command: Y
Matching properties: DeckName=name of a deck unique to a board
Within a Deck, apply to: Fixed number of pieces 1

Is this a set-up that will work without causing bugs or complications? Testing seems to indicate that it is fine, but the Destination options seem to explicitly exclude such function, so I’m wondering if something somewhere will get confused by such traits.

Of course, I could just duplicate the send to trait for every board that needs it, but this seems like less work.