is there a new *.vmod file format?

I used to be able to just use a unzip routine (I am on a Mac so it’s Stuffit Expander) on a mod file, it uncompresses and all of the images are located in the /image directory.

I am now on 3.5.7, and when I use stuffit expander I longer see an image directory, what gives?

The module format hasn’t changed.

You say you no longer see an image directory. What do you see?

See enclosed file of what the expander produced…
(Note on an earlier pre 3.5.X mad file they came out with an Image fine…

See file

I just downloaded that .vmod from the wiki, and the images directory is there (using Ark on Linux). Perhaps you have a corrupt download?

Thanks for the help. I have downloaded a new program that unzip stuff (unarchive) and that shows through properly.
So basically Stuffit Expander has no problem with older versions of .vmod but not the new format…

There IS no new format.

If I had to guess, I would say that Stuffit Expander may have difficulty with directories with thousands of files in them (the module in question has almost 1,500).

If you are familiar with UNIX command line usage, note that the standard zip and unzip programs are both available on MacOSX. They can be accessed via the Terminal application, which opens up a command line window running a UNIX shell. Syntax for those two programs are documented via the ‘man’ command.

For example, to extract the contents of a vmod file, change your working directory to be the one containing the XXX.vmod file, then execute the following command to extract the contents of that vmod into a newly created directory called XXX:

unzip XXX.vmod -d XXX

Hope this helps.