Is there a way to access properties in a property sheet in other component

I have a property sheet for each unit counter where people can decrement their speed among other things. In Second World War at Sea the speed can be reduced due to damage. I want to get the current value in the property sheet and display it in a TextLabel on top of the counter.

Is there a way to do this?

I tried $Speed$ and did not have success.

Can you post a screenshot of the Property Sheet config? Everything you set up in a property sheet should be usable elsewhere like this–I’d expect this to work.

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Thank you!

Here is the screenshot. I realize the names are not ideal but I want it to work with Speed first and then I can redesign after evaluating how well the display works. I can shorten the names as necessary

Here’s a very basic test I did with a couple different kinds of properties in a Property Sheet, and the Text Label config to go with it:


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It works like a charm. Will post a screen shot later

Thank you

Here is the same piece on the map twice, One SDS is the original values and the second is the reduced values from damage. The counter reflects the real values not the start values. This is going to be a big deal for my gamers.

Thank you!