Is there a Way to Add Text to a map?

I’ve got a map I’m making and would like to add text from the program rather than put them on the map graphic first.

Also, would like to add graphics to the hexes within vassal, such as a city or port symbol. I’ve searched here but not quite found anything explaining this.

Here’s a graphic for an example. I’d like to add some cities (such as Manila, and ports and airfields.

Hi geozero,

To add text to a map I would suggest using an “At-Start-Stack” then add a single piece to the 'At-Start-Stack" then add the trait “text lable” or “text” I think it is, to the piece.Then you can place the “At-Start-Stack” where you like.
For cities and ports you’ll need the city or port graphics and again an “At-Start-Stack” ,create a single piece adding you city graphics to that piece and then place the “At-Start-Stack” where you like.

Later , John 8)

SkypeName-Jab5450: If you catch me online I’ll be glad to walk you through the proccess.

John, thank you for the explanations. This was what I thought I was doing basically trying to see other modules and copying their design format. However, I am not able to get the TEXT NAME to show on map. Here are 2 screenshots that show what I’m doing. I hope you can shed some light on this.

Hmm, Not sure why that wouldn’t work for you, works perfectly for me. Of course, you will have to start a new game for the new stack to appear, it will not appear in any existing saved games.


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Thanks also for reply. Can you determine based on my posted screenshots if there’s something I’m missing?

I have started a new game, but text does not appear. Perhaps it’s a bug in V.3.x??? Could someone try it out and see if they have success adding the text?

Am I missing a step?

Post your mod. We’ll give it a look real fast

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Tim, the web site will not let me post the mod as it is too big (max allowable size is a mere 256k, while the file is about 2mb).

If I can get instructions or clear this up I can then go like crazy and add everything I need to get into the game.

AT the moment I’m stuck without being able to add these text names.

Just send it direct then - email in profile

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On its way… check email and get back to me either here or directly. Thanks.


On Oct 10, 2008, at 8:38 PM, geozero wrote:

I would think that the way to do this would be by using additional

You would probably want to make them not stackable, probably not
selectable and use map layers to keep them on the bottom.

For text, you would want either an invisible or very small image with
a text label trait attached.

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Ummm… okay, could you elaborate exactly how to do that. Could you provide some step-by-step instructions.

Fixed - on its way

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Tim, you RULE!!! Many thanks. :smiley:

And what was the problem?

Basically there were 2 problems:

  1. I do not know what all the “traits” are supposed to do or what order they need to be in. I looked at other modules and tried duplicating their structure but was not getting the results I needed. Thankfully several here were able to guide me and in fact Tim was able to look at my mod and add the necessary items. It would go a VERY long way to have further detailed documentation and tutorial examples to help the new fledgling designers. I realise that’s a BIG task and unlikely that anyone would take it up. So the best course is to ask here, and the fine folks will answer.

  2. The second issue was a broken feature which I stumbled across and have discussed in the TECH forums. The issue has been found, replicated and is being fixed for the next update.

So even though I have no clue what I’m doing, I stumbled across an issue or bug that was quickly looked at and a fix is on the way. Kudos for VASSAL team!!!