Is there a way to hide map window buttons?

I have 5 map windows that “belong” to players, but cannot be private and other players may sometimes move pieces on other players’ windows, so I’m using standard map windows.

Is there any way to hide map window buttons on the controls window for PlayerSides that aren’t in the game? Or any way at all to hide map window buttons?

If I understand what you ask, hiding buttons on the top of a Map Window is just a matter of leaving out the button text.

Instead of actual text you can put a property like $Text$ in the button text field … I guess.

You can completely hide a window (no menu button) by doing the following

In your Map Window properties, check “Include toolbar button to show/hide” and then name your map in the Button Text box. If you don’t have these options, it’s because you have to save, close and re-open your mod for these to appear once you’ve check the box above. You may also want to include a hotkey (something like ALT CRTL M) so you can still open the map “in game”.

Now add a Toolbar Menu to your main tree and place it directly above the Map Windows you want to hide. Leaver everything blank and under Menu Entries, add the button text name you gave to your map. This button will now control this map but since you gave it no name, tooltip or icon, it will not appear on the menu.

As far as keeping the maps hidden from observers but NOT make them private is something I don’t know. I know that you can make private windows and there’s an option for the windows to be visible to other players. I don’t know if that applies to observers or not, though.

Thanks for the replies.

I guess I should have been clearer with my question. I don’t need permanently hidden buttons, I need buttons that can be hidden with a key command or hotkey. I’m pretty sure this can’t be done from within Vassal, so I’m asking about modifying Vassal code, I suppose?

Correct, that isn’t an out-of-the-box feature.