Is there some trick to global hotkeys?

Simple goal: to have a startup global key command tell a control piece to trigger a global hotkey, which tells a game piece layer control to deactivate a game piece layer that I want off by default.

It works fine for the main map, but something is preventing the game piece layers on all the other maps from being deactivated.

I tried making a control piece for each of the other maps, in case global hotkeys only affect one map, but that didn’t work.

Is there something I don’t know about startup global key commands and/or global hotkeys and/or map windows that start off closed?

I think the default is only the current map.

Are you explicitly selecting one or more other maps ?

Have you added the Global Key Command to a single Map, or to the Module? If added to a Map, have you unchecked the ‘Apply to counters in this map only’ checkbox?

The Startup Global Key Command is for the module, and does not have “apply to counters in this map only” as an option.

The piece triggered to send the Global Hotkey is on the Main Map.

Are you confirming this is a bug? Not intended/expected behaviour for a Global Hotkey?

I think my workaround is going to have to be integrating the layer I want to be off by default into the map board, and have an image of the map board without that layer as a piece on top of the map board. That way there’s no need for a startup command to switch it off, but it seems like an unwieldy fix.

I’ll confirm that it doesn’t sound right. It’s hard to tell exactly where it is breaking though. It may be due to Maps being not being fully initialised and functional until they have been opened once. Need more info. You could try the following tests:

  1. Add a Report Action to the individual control pieces on each map to see when they fire.
  2. Fire off your GKC and see what happens before opening any maps.
  3. Open all maps and repeat to see if any difference.
  4. Close all maps again and repeat to see if any difference.


Quick test shows that as long as the map windows are not open, the Global Hotkey has no effect. When a map is open, it does. A map that has been opened, but is currently closed, is not affected by the Global Hotkey.

IIRC, this is different to other Global Hotkey effects, like deck manipulation, that work even when a map is closed. Perhaps it is specific to Game Piece Layer Controls.

Unfortunately, this does seem to fall into the category of “even though it’s a bug, modules may have been designed around this behaviour, so squashing the bug may break things”.

Can you not have the control piece open all the necessary maps (and possibly close them again when done)? I know it’s possible to toggle a map board’s open/close state, but I couldn’t tell you how off the top of my head.

Aren’t window opened/closed statuses saved in save files?

Oh dear, that means that even if I do get this working, it could cause problems. I guess I’ll go with the board+layer board and board-as-piece solution anyway.