Issue with translation of a module


I’m trying to translate a module in French. I created an extension to register the translated words. The concept is really good and very easy to use.

I have an issue with a piece using a prototype where a Text Label is defined like this:

“Text” is “$type$” and “Name format” is “$pieceName”.

I defined a single piece like this:


It used a “Prototype - basic” and a “Marker - type”=English type.

Then I did the two translations:

And when I play at my module in french the “English type” is displayed.

I can’t translate the “Marker - type”=Type Français ?

Hi Didier,

I think … not sure because tired … that you are trying to translate something that is not provided for translation.

Indeed, the Marker trait is not proposed in the list. It seems that because a Marker is a fixed value … therefore it can’t be changed. It’s also the same thing for a global property value.




Basically, Grégory is correct. There is no provision for the translation of the values of Markers. This would affect the way that Property Match Strings are evaluated and would break the module.


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Ok Brent, thanks for the answer.