I've designed a module on a mac...but it doesn't work on PC

The latest Memoir '44 venture has turned out great for the mac users…but i seems that I have left my PC friends in the dark.

As a mac user, I have no choice but to get the modules as .zip files. Te problem is, when I pot them for others to use they don’t work properly.

For example, I had to modify the latest core module but when I save it locally it keeps the .zip

The module does in fact load ok in a PC but now the extension folder doesn’t get recognised.

Has anyone had any experience with this?

Thanks in advance

I didnt have any problems with the file and extension earlier when I was looking at it (on a PC) Anything changed significantly since apart from release namewise?

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Thanks Tim,

I’ve caught the problem…it was in the naming of the extension folder.