Jab5450's Modules

The following mods are all betas in one state of completion or another, but all very playable.


Hopefuly All are ready for downlaod here…

SUCCESSORS III 2.0 by GMT (Vassal Module by Tim McCarron & John
Bowers, Tim is the creator of the Combat Commanders Vmod)
This module has all the rules for card play programed in!Please see ingame
HELP file for instructions

Conquerors,Alexander the Great-ATTENTION!!!-NEW VERSION 1.8ebeta

Revised (4/22/08)
GBoA Collection…[/u]ver. 6.5 (All thats left is to finish scenarios)

Revised (4/21/08)

Alexander at Tyre

Successors II

All my Vmods can be found here–
mediafire.com/?sharekey=981b … bb40d49df6

Please leave feedback!! & THKS!
Later, 8)e

Some feedback for GBOA module:

-About zoom.When the zoom is zoomed in at maximum,why are units zommed?. Maybe there is an error there. I can remember you had the same error in your Conquerors Alexander the Great module

-In destroyed window, how can i see a number with my routed level? You can change the rout level but not see the number

-The “unfinished all leaders button” doesn’t work properly. See my GBOA module to do it

-Have you ever considered using movement trails? It’s the best for online games

I like the backgrounds of the windows althought i dont like Total War series. I think i too old for playing real time games now ;)

About Siege of Tyre I cant open the module. It isn’t a module. The buildfile is missing in the zip,just image files
By the way. Are the rules of the game available in any place?

Hi Alfonso
I’l check into these.Is this my latest beta for GBoA Collection?

1 zoom-not sure what you mean?

2 In the destroyed map you have to place the marker called Rout Levels.Its in the Markers folder. PLace the “Turn” and “Rout Level” markers in the destroyed window .Right click on turn markers to advance the turn counter.

Thk, Later 8)

About zoom I meant: When you pass the mouse over an unit,it’s zommed but this zoom is bigger than the view of that unit in the closest level of zoom.
Yes,all this is in your lastest beta


Found the problem why units on bottom of stack appear white…

Color of pieces stacked is now set to “nill”-fixed

Zoom is as I set it.It helps old farts like me !

I need to add Module Notes ,just haven’t had time.

Later, 8)

Just one more thing about Alexander:
Second edition rules say about an extended map for Gaugamela and I think you didn’t include it.The extended map is available in Ben Smith module or in mine’s

Alfonso, please look again. If you open a new battle the map is called gaug-ext, I think.With this post I realize GBoA is the most produced mod!!
There are 4 of them.Don’t know what that means,though-lol

Later, 8)

its cause of all the detailed testing


jab? Where have you been?


Sorry David,with my business partner out of action I’ve had alot to handle this last week.I should be back around starting this week.(everyone here has their marching orders now)


Ok. Was kinda worried about you.

Will see you online soon.


Gona need some play testers
Later, 8)

Here is a file when you can take some ideas about how to handle the garrison markers. Click on new game and test it. The scenarios aren’t updated yet


Haven’t seen you around in a while. I’m heading out of town again and looking for some Vassal play again.

Skype me.


Here’s a link for all my Vmods to date.

mediafire.com/?sharekey=981b … bb40d49df6

Enjoy and Thanks 8)

That link doesn’t work for me. Perhaps it only works for you?

Jab5450’s Mods

mediafire.com/?sharekey=981b … bb40d49df6

No, John . The link you provide is only visible for you. You have to give us another link. Go to the file ,and you will find each file has his own link

He doesn’t want to do that, but needs to do something like this www.mediafire/vassalpro which is my own my files folder, but gives access to everyone to all the files so you dont have to post all the individual file links

John, in your mediafire account, there is an option to set the my files folder to somrthing else like www.mediafire/vassalmodules (or whatever name you want) which you can post for other users to go to but links directly to your my files folder.

I can walk you through it where to go tonight on skype. It only takes about 10 seconds to set up

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No, John . The link you provide is only visible for you. You have to give us another link. Go to the file ,and you will find each file has his own link

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