Hi to all.

Houston, we have a problem.

My opponent is not able to load the logfile I sent him, due to an Out of Memory Error.

His computer, like mine, has Windows 8 as OS, 8 GB RAM and the virtual memory set to 4096 MB.

The prefs in the module are just the same : JM Min = 512 MB, JM Max = 1536 MB.

On my own computer I’ am able to load and save the logfile (3.123 KB), while he is getting an Error everytime he tries to load it.

Moreover, Vassal (or Java) change the JM setting on his computer to default values too low (64/128) to load the module itself without manually resetting their original values in the /prefs.

I simply don’t understand why the same logfile can be loaded on a computer and not on another having just the same OS, the same RAM amount and the same JM values in prefs.

Someone can help to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Panther 2010


Different JVM versions is one possible explanation.

Many thanks for your quick reply.

Maybe you are right : we didn’t check the JMV version loaded on our computers.

On my own computer the last version of JRE is JRE.8.0_151.

Now, I will send a mail to my opponent telling him to check the version he has.

Be well and thank you again.

Panther 2010.