Key shortcuts not displaying for some counters

I’ve had this problem in the past when working on vassal modules but haven’t found out a cause or solution. Why is it that some of my counters with a right class click command, such as delete, don’t display the keyboard shortcut while other commands do? I have corps counters that have delete assigned under a prototype with a global key command button that deletes all the corps. If a right click on those counters I see the delete name but no CTRL D. I can delete by selecting the command name but pressing CTRL DELETE does nothing. on the other hand counters that I have that don’t have the corps prototype do work properly.

Any ideas?



It’s going to be difficult to say without looking at the actual module.

Hi Joel,

I’ll send you a drop box link when I get home and would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know what the source of the issue is. My thought is that it likely has something to do with where the traits are located - I’ve got them on the prototypes but it may be that they need to be in a particular order to avoid problems. I was really having some difficulty with my global key command to delete the corps counters that I’d given a value view unit type. When I moved the delete trait to try and pickup the keyboard command the global key command stopped working.

Appreciate any help or insight you can offer as I’d like to get this squared away for the current and future mods that I make.



Hi Joel sent you a PM.



Seems like if I make a small change to try and fix something the global key command stops working. I’ve got the prototype SovCorps where the delete trait is located and that’s where ctrl d doesn’t show up. If I add delete to the actual counters both delete commands will show up but only the one applied to the palette unit will have CTRL D beside it. But if I take the delete out of the prototype, where unit=SCorps is set as the identifier on which the global key command operates, the global key command will no longer operate.

I know it must be something I’m doing wrong but for the life of me I just cannot identify what that might be.

Frustrating as the mod works but I would like to tidy it up.


I think Joel mentioned something about resetting the shortcut to the delete command and having it re-appear on the right-click menu.

I found something particularly interesting: when you change the counters CTRL D shortcut to say… CTRL E, save, then switch it back to CTRL D, the internal XML is now DIFFERENT. Compare the XML entry:

[slice of the SovCorps prototype definition]: " delete;Delete;63743,0,CTRL D"

[slice of the SovCorps prototype definition]: " delete;Delete;68,130"

It’s almost like we have a default internal hotkey representation for CTRL+D but also a CUSTOM definition for CTRL+D.

Found it: The clue was in the XML representation of the hotkey:

63,180 is the internal representation for plus D key.

63743,0 is the custom command name interpretation (This is useful to name commands you DON’T want people to accidentally toggle and instead want avaialble for say… Triggers).

I found in Doubg’s XML file that his shortcut definition was:

63743,0,CTRL D

Or “CTRL D” as a string as opposed to the actual plus D key. Doug I recommend you go over your entire module and replace those expressions with 68,130. You’re also doing it for CTRL F in your other global command. I also found similar things for SHIFT L (Change Label), CTRL V (RGVK command) and others.

Yep thanks,

I was typing in the text for the keys instead of using the keys themselves. Not sure why I didn’t figure that out. All the commands have been fixed and it is working nicely now. I have a friend who’s going to give it a look over and then I should be handing it to Decision Games next week for posting on their site.

Thanks again for the help and suggestions!