Keywords in formulas

Hi folks,
I am looking for a list of keywords I can use in formulas.
I found CurrentMap, CurrentZone…
I am pretty sure there is more, but can not find them in the doc or wiki.
Can you help ?

I add an extra request.
I create a token to be passed from one player to an other one.
Each player has a specific zone to play (player1zone)
I can not find the correct formula to substring the name of the zone to keep only the beginning : player1
This text will be used in a label.

In other programming languages I have, substring, stxt, substr, left, right, etc…

Thank you.

MOST of the exposed properties are through BasicPiece and listed here:

And there’s some other commonly-used stuff here:

A comprehensive list of exposed properties would certainly be useful somewhere, perhaps for Vassal 4 documentation.

As far as string functions, the whole java library is available inside a beanshell { } expression, including strings. I did a tips and tricks post on it here: … _in_VASSAL


There might be another place where they’re all collected in one spot, but this is the one I know and rely on: … ounters.3F

Oooooo that’s a good one, never found that one before!

Just curious what the protocol is for reserved properties. Obviously, it would be best practice to avoid naming Markers or Properties things like “Side”, “CurrentX” etc… but what happens if you inadvertently (or I suppose intentionally) do it?