Last Move Highlighter Question

I have created an implementation of a small solo game that simply involves laying some tiles, then scoring at the end.

The only thing I cannot get to work is for the last moved tile to be highlighted. I thought that the last move highlighter property would do this, but it does not seem to. Does this not work if you don’t have player sides defined? Any thoughts?

How is it not working?

A Last Move Highlighter highlights the last move your opponent made, not the last move you made.


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For some reason I totally forgot to reply to this with more information.

The question is that since this is a solo game, I want for each tile that is layed to be highlighted in some way so you can see which piece you played last. Is there anyway to do that for just one player?

On May 8, 2009, at 1:18 PM, IanthePez wrote:

I would think that the Mark Moved feature would do that for you.

It doesn’t strictly show you only the last tile played, but if you
remember to clear the mark moved before you place the next tile, it
should work.

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