Last Stand

The Galaxy has been in war for years. All who have participated have suffered greatly at the hands of their enemy, but none have suffered as much as the Lazax. The Lazax have all but given up on their chance to preserve the galaxy and have turned only to themselves and the Winnuarians on Mecatol Rex. They have reached deep within themselves to think of any and all ways to stop the upcoming destruction.

No one was sure how the idea was started, but it was agreed by all members of the Mecatol council and the Lazax Emperor himself that the only way to stop the upcoming destruction was to explode the surrounding stars around them creating a barrier of supernovas.

At one the command was launched and executed to all the surrounding areas. The results was mostly unsuccessful. Only 33% of their attempt was successful. In one case they created a blackhole. The rest of the attempts only resulted in the destruction of the distant suns creating asteroid fields. One unexpected result was the explosion of wormholes that were created in the surrounding areas.

The rest of the races were enraged by what was attempted. They knew the lazax to be untrustworthy, but never would they believe they would go so far to kill billions of people to protect themselves. That was what instigated the technological great leap forward. All across the galaxy, all other industries came to a stop as science, technology, and ships were built all for the purpose of destroying the Lazax and each other.

Rules in play:
House Rules:
Will use bidding to determine location in Galaxy
Artifacts are not associated with planets, They will be claimed like trade stations.
Mech units are subjected to bombardment
All planets will contain DS counters, but they will all be green counters.
The Red DS counters on Mecatol Rex are normal PDS.
Race will start with 2 bonus tech of their choice. (Must meet prereqs)
Will start with the following laws already in place:Code of Honor, Free Trade,and Research Grant
All SO will have to do with Mecatol Rex (If I can help it.)
Standard Rules

Sabatage Runs (though I doubt they will be used)
SE objectives (will play to 10 VP)
Race specific Tech, both SE and Shards
Shock Troopers
Space Mines
Wormhole Nexus
Tactical Retreats
Custodians of Mecatol Rex
Preliminary Objectives
Mechanized Units

Will use all SE Strategy cards 1,2,3,4,6,7
5 Will be Trade III and 8 Will be Imperial II

I will be using the vassal forums and module. For those of you who have not played: Information can be found here:

Afterwards you will need to download the module found here: … the_Throne

Please download the 1.03 version. strangtim and I spent a lot of time together building this module. We are aware there are some mistakes. Hopefully someday we will get around to creating that bigger map and fixing the mistakes.

If your familiar with vassal you might know about logfiles. We will not be using them, I will do everything in a saved file and post it periodicallly. (maybe every 3-4 turns, more if something big happens.) you can use the saved file to update the game on your own to keep tabs.

I will be using their forums, I have not created a spot at this point.

24hour posts are suggested, will give exceptions as needed. I’ll have a map up on that forum soon so you can look at it.

I’m looking for 3-4 players. I’m saving 1-3 for people I’m familiar with. Hope to see you.

To see map, look at attachment. Join as observer.

Hey JP, I would like to book a spot if I can?


I’m interested!

ok, so far I have the following players


If you guys know of two more give me a heads up.

I’d like to confirm my entry

I have an experienced TI player I sometimes play in real life. he might be interested and is he’s good too. I would explain him all the vassal details beforehands

tell me if I should contact him JP

Go ahead and let him know franko. This game most likely won’t launch until next week anyway. Make sure he knows that we are playing with quite a few differences has noted above.

I’m interested (I just posted on BGG saying as much).

Sounds like you guys put a lot of work into it, looking forward to the game :slight_smile:

A couple of quick questions - I assume that you can’t choose racial techs as your bonus techs.
Are we playing with colonies and refineries?
And not to to add variants to your variant, but I’ve found that Prelim Objectives are often vary wildly in difficulty - thoughts on allowing people to ditch their PO at the end of the first full game round?

Thanks for putting all the work into this!

~ Johnny C

Hey this is piperman–

Hey I’m definitely interested.

confirming interest as posted in BGG

Can’t use racial techs as bonus, but I forgot to mention that I’m going to give you one to start that is of my choosing.

No colonies and refineries, if its not listed above, we most likely won’t use it.

Don’t normally have a problem with prelims. So going to keep them.

Keeping recuting open until March 2nd. Then I will do random’s for spots.

I’ve stated my interest in playing in a PM to jp. Just wanted to throw my name into the hat publicly.

We start off with a racial tech?

Yes, I wasn’t sure whether he meant that we start with an addition 3rd tech - a racial tech - of his choosing, or whether we don’t start with any racial tech and one of the two bonus techs are of his choosing.

You will start off with 2 additional techs beyond your starting tech of your choosing. In addition, I will give you 1 of your racial techs. (My choice)

I am in if you have a “seat” for me :slight_smile:

Awesome! Sounds fun :slight_smile:

So when do we start?

Ok so some thoughts first: When I first started recruiting for the game, I ran into some difficulty. I had four players then no one. Later one of those players backed out. So instead of just taking the first 6 players like I normally do, I decided to keep recruitment open until today and I would roll a d20 to determine who would get a spot. This was the result:

Donkcheson (19) 1st Winnu/Jolnar? (Speaker) Player 1
Aremedis (16) 2nd Yin/Arborec Player 2
Adder007usa (16) 3rd Muaat (Ironic)/N’orr player 3
Piperman19 ( 13) 4th Naalu/Hacan Player 4
Jonnycwtb (12) 5th Letnev/Xxcha Player 5
Tunadude (11) 6th Saar/L1z1x Player 6
Sircrowin (11) 7th
Frankopl21 (8) 8th

I did a second roll off for 2nd/3rd and 6th/7th place.
So Congrats to the people who got a spot and sorry to the once who didn’t. I appreciate all of you trying wanting to try out my game

I’m posting the random results of the races chosen because since we are bidding standard setup (mostly) I think it is one of those things that you might want to consider when bidding. I don’t expect a lot of bidding to happen anyway. I also changed my mind about completely random. I’m giving you two choices, you pick one of the two. There will be no extra options.

What I need from you now:

First I need you to confirm your spot. If I don’t hear from all six players by the end of the weekend, I will move to the next players in line. I’ll will send all six players a PM reminding them. When you post to confirm your spot also post:

The race your choosing
The two bonus techs your choosing

Lastly, I need everyone’s computer to know that all other players confirmed there player spot. To do this, after you confirm your player, save the game and post the saved file (not logfile) as an attachment to this forum.

Please use the most recent saved file attached to the forum. For example, I’m going to post a saved file here. If aremedis (The order doesn’t matter) is the first person to get on and post a saved file, the next person to get on should use his saved file, not mine.

Once this is done, I will issue you a racial tech, Prelim, Secret Objective (Which can not be done before the Prelim) then we can start bidding. If player one would go ahead and open with a particular spot on bidding we can move this along faster.

If you are not familar with bidding It works as follows:
You have X amount of Trade goods
You can bid 0-X amount on any yellow system.
If a person outbids you, you can outbid them.
If you were outbid on one place you can still bid 0 on another
If no one out bids you, you keep the spot you bid on.
The result: Take the highest amount bid - What you bid = how many TG you start the game with.
Example: if the highest bid was 5 and you bid 3 = you start the game with 2TG
2nd example: if the highest bid was 5 and you bid 0= you start the game with 5 TG
3rd example: you bid 3 on an system, someone outbids you with 4, you decide you don’t want that system, so you bid 0 on another system, the highest player bid 5 in another system= Highest bid 5-your bid 0= you start the game with 5 TG.

I’ve never seen starting bid go over 5, and I don’t imagine it will in this one.

Please use CCTAP when posting moves.

If your not familiar with it: CCTAP = Command Counters, Trade Goods, Action Cards, Political Cards. Used in PBF games to indicate a person’s race sheet status, usually in AS/FS/CP, TG/AC/PC format (where AS is Strategy Allocation, FS is Fleet Supply, CP is Command Pool, TG is Trade Goods, AC is Action Cards, PC is Political Cards)

Additional shorthand, though not required:

WS = War Sun
TG = Trade Good
AC = Action Card
PC = Political Card
PO = Public Objective (or Preliminary Objective, depending on context)
SO = Secret Objective
MU = Mechanized Units
GF = Ground Forces
FI = Fighter
CV = Carrier
DD = Destroyer
CA = Cruiser
FS = Flagship
R/I = Resources/Influence (on a planet, usually)
SC = Strategy Card
Merc = Mercenary
CC = Command Counter

Looking forward to playing.

Quick note with Objectives, You can’t claim stage 2 objectives until the 4th round and the game ends at the end of the 8th round.